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Indy Christmas Light Pros

What could be better than spreading Christmas cheer and goodwill?

We’re honored to be part of your Christmas decoration traditions.

  • Whether you don’t have the time to install exterior Christmas lights or you’re not comfortable on ladders, we’re happy to help you create a custom design.

  • Have your kids accused you of being the Christmas Grinch? Why not surprise them with a Christmas miracle and create a holiday display that lights up their eyes?

  • We’re honored to help clients carry on traditions when the family dynamic has changed. Perhaps a death in the family or a divorce has made it difficult for you to hang exterior lighting. One client found us following her husband’s passing, and we created a beautiful Christmas display complete with tree and shrub lighting and Christmas wreaths. Her tears of happiness brought us joy too.

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Indy Christmas Light Pro’s offers our Christmas lighting installations and the surrounding areas of Brownsburg, FishersWestfield, Avon, and Indianapolis. Call to request a free quote today at (317) 608-6535.

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